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Diamond ring in 14kt yellow gold

Beautiful ring with seven diamonds, crafted in 14kt yellow gold.

2 to 3 weeks

620 € Question about the product
CODE je2680
Material Yellow Gold
fineness 14 carat 585/1000
Gemstone Diamond
cut round
clarity I2
color H
weight 0.3 ct
weight 1.50 g

Klenota Jewelry

 The jewelry you purchase from us will arrive in a gift box.  Along with your purchase, you will receive a certificate of authenticity, listing the metal type as well as the precious stones and their weight. You will also receive an evaluation of the purity and color of diamonds and the total weight of the jewelry.

We purchase all our jewelry, diamonds and precious stones from verified suppliers.  These suppliers confirm their diamonds and precious stones are flawless and conflict-free.



The vast majority of our rings are available in all the most common sizes. Women's rings are available in sizes 48-60 and men's rings in sizes 59-70. For more details on the size of any ring simply click here.

When ordering a ring please be certain to give us your ring size in the note section at the end of the order.

The size of any ring can be customized to your specific size.  To change the size of any ring to another available size simply let us know in the notes section at the end of your order.  The cost to re-size a ring is £7 per ring.


In evaluating diamonds, we use international standards. We evaluate the purity, color and weight of each diamond.

Diamond’s purity

IF (Internal Flawless) - diamonds with absolute transparency, no inclusions
VVS 1, VVS 2 (Very Very Small) - diamonds with very small inclusions
VS 1, VS 2  (Very Small) - diamonds with small inclusions
SI 1, SI 2 (Small Inclusions) - diamonds with inclusions, which are detectable with a magnifying glass
I1, I2, I3 (Included) - diamonds with medium to large inclusions which are detectable with a magnifying glass

Diamond color

D - F - colorless diamonds,
G - J - almost colorless diamonds,
K - M - diamonds with a hint of yellow,
N - Z - diamanonds with yellow-brown coloration,
Fancy - colored diamonds, mostly black or blue. Our colored diamonds are color treated.

Diamond weight

Diamond weights are listed in carats. 1 carat is equivalent to the weight of 0.20 grams. The weight is shown to the second decimal place in certificates, giving you decigram accuracy.